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After 1 year passed, all Nadaobangkok students such as Win, Khongkwan, Hmorg, Tar, Toei, Phai, Sprite, Phu, Tee, and Dao have learned several lessons. When a new semester begins, all of them have passed to next grades and understood more about lives, except Win who is still suspended from the school. No one, even the closest friends like Hmorg and Tar, has heard any news about him.

The vague relationships of every couples are developed. Hmorg seems like he now has a feeling for Kwan, and It also seems like Kwan feels the same way as him. About Phai and Sprite’s relationship, they keep their relationship status as friends, but Sprite still has a good feeling towards Phai like before. However, Sprite is getting popular after she appeared on a magazine, and that makes boys want to get to know her which causes Phai to feel more awkward and uncomfortable. Moreover, he has to meet his newest enemy, Porsch – Kwan’s step brother -, who comes to make Sprite’s heart shake.

After Big Mountain Music Festival, Phu and Toei become close again, and it seems like their relationship goes really well. Meanwhile, it also seems like Tee can accept to be friend with Phu, but deep inside, he is still not able to move on. However, he isn’t all lonely since he meets Non, a new grade 10 student and also his roommate. With Non’s funny personality, he can forget the loneliness for a while.

And Tar, after he finally accept the fact that he can be only friend with Toei, meets KanomPang, a cute new student who is a fan of See Scape, in this semester. Her liveliness makes him really adore her which leads him to think of beginning a new relationship, but things don’t go easily since she is Pop – We Are Source - ’s younger sister, and he is really possessive of her. Other than that, he has to face a big problem about See Scape because other members have already graduated from the school.

Dao who just experienced the last year big problem, has grown up a lot, but she is still under her mother’s control which now is made stricter than it had been because she was caught on lying about BMMF. The strict control makes Dao keep all the feelings inside like she keeps a ticking time bomb waiting to explode, but at least she has Koi who always listens to her and gives her an advice. And that makes her and Koi become closer, and become a school’s new OTP. However, their friends begin to question about their relationship.

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